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Triquetrae Ocarina Class Age 5 - 7 years

Music classes are very different to one to one lessons and are add-ons rather than 'instead of' lessons. They are also a great introduction to an instrument if a student is unsure.


Ocarina is a vessel flute from Central America perfectly sized for young students and can be carried on a cord around the neck so it can be taken everywhere.

In this course you will learn these skills.


  • Learn to read 1 octave of notes from D4,

  • Understand OcTAB

  • Learn rhythm skills,

Musical Elements

  • Duration,

  • Dynamics

  • Pitch 1

  • Timbre

  • Tempo

  • Pitch 2

Instrument: Ocarina, Guiro, Tambourine, Maracas, Triangle, Claves,

Stories featuring 'The Pitch Stars' and 'Ocarina's' who are Olly, Olivia, Oscar, Olga, Orlando, Owain.

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Week 5:

Week 6:

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