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Ocarina Course Week 1: Olly's Outing

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Week one looks at the origins of the Ocarina with a fun tale of Olly going to the museum to find out about Mexico.

This week introduces the note shapes and values for long notes and short notes.

Notation & TAB

The course will use these four note shapes each week. To help students play the pieces an Ocarina Tab is used to show where the fingers go. The corresponding notation is for a 4 hole plastic Ocarina like the one Olly is holding in the picture which starts with D4. The back of the pack shows this note as Do, using a variable pitch for Do. If you are using the fixed Do scale then the lowest note on this Ocarina is Re or D4.

The TAB boxes are written as if you are looking down at the Ocarina.

The aim for week 1 is to achieve long sounds on the Ocarina and short sounds. This week they will be a 2 count (or second) notes and 1 count (or second) notes. These can also be called minims and crotchets or half and quarter notes.

In the lesson booklet there is a dice game which you can play any style of percussion instrument and crotchets and minims.

The Piece of the Day.

This week the piece is called 'Hot Cross Buns' and the children may follow the TAB or the music. D is orange, E is yellow and F# is green. We are not looking at why this is sharp, but rather accepting that it is. These colours correspond the to Triquetrae Junior Piano program.


Spotify Story Audio File

You Tube Story

Extension Activities

In today's story we introduce many Mexican items that have extension activities connected to them.

You can make toilet roll cactus items that include desk tidy collections or ornaments with eyes which can take on characters in imagination play.

There is a cactus pinata which is a fun idea that can be extended to a treat supply facility when practice has been completed. Fill seven one for each week day.

For the adventurous you can make your own Mayan pyramid out of lego or lollipop sticks.

Many more extension ideas can be found on this link. If you have made any of these items please bring them along to next weeks course.


udent Recordings

This is Hanna from the very first session in September 2021


When setting the room for a group activity planning is required. This is the setting for week 1, next week we will be working a little different as we have two pieces to play.

Everything is ready for the children to arrive.



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