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Reception Challenge - September

What is it?

The reception challenge is a quick and fun competition while you are waiting for your lesson. Look at the note or symbol on the board and ask for a piece of paper to write down the answer. Ask your teacher if you don't know, you can always do it after your lesson.

Who are you?

Remember to include your full name, teacher and instrument. If we don't know who you are you cannot win.

When is the draw?

The challenge closes Friday night and a new one is posted on Saturday. The draw is made by a parent on Saturday. The winner will be posted online and put up at the Academy in Stalybridge, and a gem added, on Saturday.

What is the prize?

The first correct answer drawn will get an extra gem. There are 2 questions a week, one note pitch and one symbol so there are 8 gems to give away. Watch out for other reception challenges.

Can I enter more than once?

You can include one entry per 30 minute lesson with an Academy teacher.

Seven days from 19th August 2023

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