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Music Lessons have changed a lot over the years; the Music Academy programs are designed for beginners of any age and take a fully comprehensive progression through music. This section aims to answer some questions you may have. If the answer is not here, please feel free to email us using the contact form below.


What happens if we want to change instrument? 


There are no extra fees as all solo lessons are the same price. There are certain elements of each step that do not change between instruments therefore saving you money and time if you do need to change instruments.


Do I need my own instrument?


Yes, you will need an instrument at home to practice on. If you do not own your own instrument, and do not wish to buy one, we can arrange a hire plan for you for the instrument and a block of 10 lessons. This provides an easy way to see if you or your child enjoys the instrument.


Do I pay for lessons I miss?


We do not charge for missed lessons if we have over 24 hours notice. The exception to this is if a student is ill on the day of the lesson; in which case please let us know as soon as possible.


If we expect you and you do not turn up you will be charged in full. 


What happens if I am late?


If you are over 10 mins late we will aim to reschedule the lesson. 

If you are up to 10 mins late we will run the remaining lesson time and try to make up the difference when possible. 


What if the teacher is ill, or not present?


If the teacher is not present for any reason, or more than 5 minutes late, a substitute teacher will be provided who is skilled in the instrument you are learning. If this is not possible a teacher will supply a lesson of ear training, theory and rhythm work. These are vital skills that very often do not fit into a normal lesson but will increase the students ability in all areas.


What if I need to cancel before my block of lessons is complete?


Should you need to cancel your block of lessons due to a change in circumstances we can consider one of the following options.

  • Grant a credit note for the remaining lessons that can be taken within a calendar year.

    • This grants the student the right to return and be granted a place where timing and teacher are available.

  • Refund the remainder of your fees less a 25% handling charge.

    • This means that should the student wish to return within a calendar year they would be expected to remain on PAYG rates for six months.


Do you offer discounts?


Yes, discounts are available in the following formats. 

  • The initial sample lesson is free of charge.

  • If you pay using the 12 month payment plan of £64 a month for 12 months you receive 4 free lessons. 

  • A group theory class is available at 50% discount for current students. Classes available at different times, topics and ages during term time. Minimum of 4 students per class and a maximum of 8.

  • Many products can be purchased with a 10% (or more) discount which is paid in 'progress gemstones'  for our primary age students.

  • Selected items are only available with 'progress gemstones' for the benefit of the young students. 

  • Two or more family members sharing the same lesson can learn with no extra charge. (An equivalent discount of £16 per additional person)

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