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Ocarina Course Week 2: Olivia's Pinata Party

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Week two looks at loud and soft sounds with Olivia the Ocarina joining in the fun at a Pinata party.

This week introduces the idea of playing sounds loud and playing sounds soft. The words and symbols for piano (soft) and forte (loud) are introduced using the tune for Pease Pudding Hot.

Notation & TAB

The course will use these four note shapes each week. To help students play the pieces an Ocarina Tab is used to show where the fingers go. The corresponding notation is for a 4 hole plastic Ocarina like the one Olivia is holding in the picture. Using the system of a fixed doh on a C, this Ocarina is pitched to Re or D4. This week the note added is Soh or G4.

The aim for week 2 is to achieve loud and soft sounds on the Ocarina.

This week we will be using the symbols for loud and soft. These are based on the Italian words of piano and forte.

The Piece of the Day.

This week the piece is called 'Pease Pudding Hot' and the children may follow the TAB or the music. D is orange, E is yellow, F# is green and G is blue. These colours correspond the to stars of the Triquetrae Junior Piano program.

You Tube Recording

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Spotify Story Audio File

You Tube Story

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Extension Activities

Today's story introduces the Pinata Party. You can make piñata's for either major events like birthdays or minor events like remembering to do your practice without being told. A large version can be made following the instructions on this video or some mini Pinata cactuses can be used for smaller achievements.

Simple ground beef Tacos can be fun to make for kids and can be perfect for teaching kitchen skills at a young age. This is a great recipe page to check . This is a fun recipe for cheesy nachos


Olivia's Pinata Party
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