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Just for Fun: Minute Marathon

July Events Notice Board: Download a weekly practice sheet and join in the Minute Marathon. Can we total 42195 minutes practised in July?

Join in the race from Monday 1st July right through the month.

  1. Total your minutes practised each week.

  2. When you attend your lesson allow 10 minutes before or after to add your minutes to our "Treble Clef Tally"

  3. Keep practising.

Practice makes all the difference in your lesson. Even if you can just practice for 10 minutes every day. However if you start to add it up you will find that the numbers soon mount up.

Set yourself a daily target of just 5 minutes more than the day before, or a weekly target of an extra 15 minutes a week. Make your lesson count by totting up the minutes at home.

Download this form here

Let us know in the comments if you have downloaded the form and are joining in the race for the target.



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