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Triquetrae Recorder Class Age 5 - 7 years

Music classes are very different to one to one lessons and are add-ons rather than 'instead of' lessons. They are also a great introduction to an instrument if a student is unsure.


"The recorder is a simple, direct melody instrument makes it the perfect instrument for young learners. It's possible, with good teaching, to get a good sound out of the recorder quite quickly. The soprano recorder is also just the right size for young children's hands. And it's a very portable instrument. The kids can carry it from home to school easily — unlike, say, a piano, which not everyone can afford to have at home. For training their ear to the scale and the role of each pitch within a scale, and for creating and resolving tension, a simple melody instrument is the best first instrument for kids" (Link)

The recorder is an end blown flute that was very popular all over Europe in the Baroque era. In this course you will learn these skills


  • Learn to read 1 octave of notes from D4,

  • Understand RecTAB

  • Learn rhythm skills,

Musical Elements

  • Duration,

  • Dynamics

  • Pitch 1

  • Timbre

  • Tempo

  • Pitch 2

Instruments: Descant Recorder

Stories featuring 'The Pitch Stars' and 'Recorder's' who are Riley, Rob, Rowan, River, Ryker, Rosie and Raven.

Links to the Weekly Lesson Pages

Week 1: Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 6:

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