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Toby's Tiger's Adventure: Day 6

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

With a powerful shove Frog kicked the spinny thing

so it bounced down on the stairs.

Frog gasped, Dog hid eyes &

Anteater said her prayers.

They bounced down on the flat bit.

"Now lean!" Yelled Toby's Tiger,

"We need to go around the bend,

and daren't go any higher!"

They made it around the corner

and shot down the next slope.

I hope we miss the mirror,

don't need more bad luck, nope!"

With eyes tight shut they bounced

against the mirror bright,

and to their horror went on down

to the basement out of sight.

Round the corner, down they dropped,

went flying through the air.

They all began to panic

as the spinny thing went off the stair!

"Oh dear." and "Ouch." and "Bother."

was heard amidst the groans.

Dog said," 'least we got stuffing and

not those pesky bones!

Toby's Tiger Day 6
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