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Spring is Coming

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Prize: 1 Gem

Send a 30 second 'Work in Progress' video with spring flowers. The flowers don't have to be real they can be silk, dried, a picture, a photo, an item of clothing with flowers etc... How many ways can you be creative with the theme of Practice with Spring Flowers in the picture.

Send your video to 0781 339 8977 to be included on the window video.

Come back to see the videos through the week Remember this does not have to be perfect, just something you are working on at the moment, it is ok to have a few slips or trips - it is not supposed to be perfect.

To book a lesson and join the challenges please click the button below.

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Flowers Challenge Part 2

Flowers Challenge Part 3

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Flowers Challenge Part 5



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