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September Gemstar Awards

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

The Gemstars who sent "Work in Progress" videos in for an extra gemstone are

  • Ava

  • Ruthie

  • Isla

  • Rere

  • Julia

  • Hanna

  • Aleksandra

  • Mieszko

  • Lucas

  • Elsie

  • Charlotte-Rose

  • Daisy

You can also see yourself on the rotator in the screens at the Academy. Well done to everyone who contributed, don't forget to send in every week to our WhatsApp number on 0781 339 8977 to be included in the reel.

Early September Gemstars

Don't forget to check the screens at the Academy to see your video. When you arrive at the Academy check where your pot is so you can tell reception after your lesson. The pots move around every week ! It could be in the window or in front of reception.

Late September Gemstars



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