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Reception Gemstar Challenge

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

23rd February 2022 - 1st March 2022

Prize: 1 Gem

Send a 30 second 'Work in Progress' video wearing something RED.

Send to 0781 339 8977 to be included

in the window video.

Practice is vital to moving forward on your instrument but actually getting to do the practice can be harder than the practise itself. Our reception challenges are designed to motivate and encourage students to practice.

While the advertising is directed to MusiKids the challenge is open to all. If you are older your 'Gem' award will be added to your teachers team total.

Check out the challenge details on the board near reception. There you can find details of the challenge and who has won the prize to far. This week there is a Triquetrae Tale of Rudra's Red Challenge which is a tale from Greenhill.

Well done to everyone who took part.



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