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Piano 'Level 1 Star' Sticker Challenge

Are you having piano lessons with Chris at Stalybridge Music Academy? You can take part in the Piano Level 1 Star Sticker Challenge for beginner piano students. Take the end of module challenge to gain the sticker. Five of the seven available stickers are required to complete the assessment.

Fluency, Interpretation and Muscle are compulsory modules.

Knowledge, Performance, Written and Musicianship are optional although usually covered in some way during lessons or workshops.

Level 1 Fluency Star for new piano players.

  • To attain this star you will be able to

  • Read treble clef notes C5-G5

  • Read bass clef notes C3-G3

  • Read the letter names used in a piece

  • Play on the beat without pauses

  • Listen and copy level 1 rhythms

  • Listen and copy level 1 melodies

  • Play a piece silently by key tapping

  • Sing the letter names while playing

  • Play a 2 or 3 note chord.

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