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Now Available Globally

Wherever you are in the world, don't waste this time that you have been given.

With a considerable amount of us remaining at home during this crisis there has never been a time more conducive to learning how to play an instrument, or learn how to sing.

Our integrated lessons take into consideration any learning that you have already achieved and how to build and reinforce the skills that you already have. We will happily teach you not only WHAT you need to know, but what you want to know in order to play the pieces and songs that you want to learn.

We teach the required theory to understand the music better within the lesson and use Grade level pieces of music to facilitate learning progression from short-term to long-term memory.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak we're opening up our lessons to the global platform where we hope to be able to teach all over the world via the myriad forms of instant messenger platforms.

Such Platforms include:



Google Duo


Facebook Messenger

and a plathora of others.

Should you be interested we can organise a teacher's time to coincide with a time convenient to you to arrange a call for a FREE taster sample lesson.

Email us today on or message us via our website

We look forward to hearing from you.



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