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November Gemstars

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Thank you for sending your 'Work in Progress' video to be included in the weekly 'Gemstar' video. They are becoming very popular therefore the videos are published weekly by Simon, and putting the all important gemstones in the students pots who send in videos, well done keep up the good practice. These videos are recorded and published as progress points, marking regular points in time to look back on and see how far they have come, and how much has been achieved. Nobody plays perfect every time and only seeing the final wonderful result does not paint a true picture. Our young people need to be able to see the journey, the mistakes and successes, the stumbles and the number of times you get up again, and sometimes the length of time it takes 'someone like me' to achievement. The final destination is not the important part, the most important parts are the lessons learnt, the skills achieved and effort applied to achieve the small gains which make the final wow moment. Our 'Work in Progress' videos celebrate the effort and achievements of each student week by week, day by day. To take part in the Musikids Gemstar Challenge, and receive a free gemstone, send your video to our WhatsApp on 07813398977 or 07706638821. The video is compiled and gems award by Simon on a Monday.

Keep up the good practice, Well Done.


Ava M

Ruthie M

Charlotte Rose






End of November Gemstars.

keep up the good practice. Well Done.

Isobel H

Daisy W

Kyle Z

Mak S

Zuzanna S

Elsie L


Ava M

Ruthie M


29th November



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