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MusiKids Ukulele Class Week 3

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Week three brings in the first fretted note on the E string. The note is F4. We also look at a complex yet familiar rhythm for Baby Shark.

Baby Shark for Uke - Week 3

​Learn to play this catchy tune on your uke!

Download Baby Shark Uke TAB as a Pdf

Download PDF • 1.62MB

Pitch Exercises for Uke - Week 3

Pitch exercises help with changing notes quickly.

Download Uke TAB as a Pdf

Download PDF • 874KB

Rhythm Exercises - Week 3

Rhythm is the most important part of the music. Use this sheet to practice the rhythms for baby shark.

Download Rhythm Worksheet as a Pdf

Download PDF • 790KB

Chord Exercises for Uke - Week 3

Learn these two chords for uke

Download as a Pdf

Download PDF • 776KB



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