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MusiKids Ukulele Class Week 1

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Ukulele class has started with two enthusiastic young ladies.

This week the open strings were covered using the thumb to pluck the strings. You can follow the work with our online ukulele badge challenge on this link and there is a group for students and parents on

All you need is a ukulele and a printer.

If you would like to attend our classes you can book a place on the link below. They are designed to teach ages 5, 6 and 7 years. If you are looking for a different age group just let us know by calling 0161 303 9966 or sending a message via the chat facility.

This is the first worksheet from the week one session which looks at open strings. As we put the worksheets on social media we will add them here.

Open String Names

Download the PDF

Download PDF • 1.85MB


Open String Exercises Download

Use these exercises to gain confidence changing between the strings. The videos below will help. There is not rhythm element to these exercises the notes are to be played either all equal or with the rhythm of your choice.

Download link for a PDF

Download PDF • 858KB

Week one Ukulele. Exercise 1

Week one Ukulele. Exercise 2

Week one Ukulele. Exercise 3

Week one Ukulele. Exercise 4

Week one Ukulele. Exercise 5

Rhythm Exercises

Rhythm is vital, with the incorrect rhythm listeners will not understand the piece being played. Use these exercises to practise rhythm. We use a guiro scraping the note for the Semibreve and minim or tapping it for the crotchet.

Download the PDF

Download PDF • 949KB

Let's Strum!

In class we explain the difference between the note and the chord of C.

Download the PDF

Download PDF • 977KB



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