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How Green Can You be?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

How Green can you be?

How many green things can you squeeze in a

30 second 'Work in Progress' video?

You could have a green jumper, a green hat and scarf, a green plant and plant pot holder. A green file, a green book and a green bookmark, perhaps green paper and a green paperclip with a green juice to one side and a salad followed by slices of kiwi fruit. Maybe a green hula hoop or pool noodle in shot with a green stuffed toy. Let's get creative and celebrate the new green shoots of spring with as many green items as possible.

Prize: 1 gem per 5 green items - send a list with the video :) *

WEBSITE EXTRA GEM BONUS: If you see this video on our Blog say "green in the park" in your video

Send your video to 0781 339 8977 to be included on the window video.

Come back to see the videos through the week Remember this does not have to be perfect, just something you are working on at the moment, it is ok to have a few slips or trips - it is not supposed to be perfect.

To book a lesson and join the challenges please click the button below.

*per green item type (you don't get more gems for multiple items of the same type)

'How Green Can You Be?'

Practice Challenge Part 1

'How Green Can You Be?'

Practice Challenge Part 2

'How Green Can You Be?'

Practice Challenge Part 3

'How Green Can You Be?'

Practice Challenge Part 4


After the challenge has finished you can still send in challenge videos for extra gems. These will appear in the challenge of the week video but on the correct background.

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