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How Do I Earn Gems in 2023?

After your music lesson exchange your gem cards for colourful gems with the representative of the Dragon Hoard Bank.

Gems are banked once a month.

Digi-gems (banked gems) can be used online or instore by arrangement.

Practise Gem

Your minimum practice time is on your practice log by your tutor.

This total will change as your standard increases.

Remember its not just on your practise log, it should show in your lesson work too.

See handbook for extra practice carried forward.

Super Gem

Simple to gain double your practise time.

This should show not just on your practise log but in the results.

Win Gem

Not only is this a great progress log but it also helps your teacher spot any home practise problems and to plan the next lesson.


Assessment or Exam Gem

Everyone takes one whether

they pass or fail.

Formal (chargeable) Assessments are conducted by our music director and students receive a certificate and

a rosette or medal for

a Merit or Distinction.

Informal assessments are completed in lesson and recorded for verification purposes. Students receive a certificate. A copy is available on request.

Accredited exam board are completed,

if required, when the student is able.

Homework Gem

Not just any homework, written or a game based homework is just as important as piece practise.

Academy Gem

1 or 2 gems are given to students who are well behaved, polite, remember their music, practice, try hard, achieve a goal or simply have a fantastic session.

Reception Gem

A gem awarded by reception for

  • having your music file

  • having your instrument tuned and prepared before you go to your lesson,

  • completing a piece of reception work, such as colouring a picture or a maze, or a written challenge. adding your name and putting it on the wall. The gem is awarded when you collect it the following week. (Pictures not collected in a month will be disposed of.)

5 Gem Challenge

(Read more)

Join in a monthly reception challenge. Each gem awarded for including certain things in the challenge.

Based on a monthly theme

  • January: Winter

  • February: Valentines Day

  • March: Spring

  • April: Earth Day

  • May: Garden Life

  • June: Summer

  • July: Children's Art

  • August: Holiday

  • September: Back to School

  • October: Autumn

  • November: Keeping Warm

  • December: Christmas



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