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Harry & Spike Learn to Be Themselves

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

This is Harry, he lives on Bluebell Street in Greenhill. Join Harry and Spike the Stegosaurus in this story about being happy being yourself. This, and other stories, are used as part of the Triquetrae Tales in our music programs. Stories can engage the imagination which is vital for music making in the future.

The story book includes a maze at the back to help Simon find his way to school. If you finish the maze, bring it to your next music lesson and show reception and we will give you a new maze to complete. (You can repeat this as many times as you wish)

Harry is one of the Triquetrae children. He appears in our stories and teaching materials. The Triquetrae children also offer motivation advice and moral stories.

Listen and follow the story

These are available as A6 (1/4 of an A4 page) laminated pocket cards, for more information ask at reception.

If you have lessons with Stalybridge Music Academy you can download free wallpaper for your child's desktop or phone from our MusiKids group


Listen to the audio on Spotify

Download the Story

Simon's Tee Shirts



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