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Gem Star 13/04/2021: Ava

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Send a performance of a piece you have been working on to our inbox, we will ask before we share it.

If the learning objective has been completed we will let you know and it will save lesson and practise time.

If something is not quite right when practising at home your teacher can offer guidance or suggestions to help correct it, and prevent practising the error.

Both ways it is a win - win.

We say this to many students over the weeks and months, this young lady did exactly what we suggested, and over 3 days and 3 videos completed three pieces to exam standard - and earned 3 gemstones (£3 credit) to extra curricular activities and saved 10 minutes in her next lesson (which is about £5 in value).

It really makes a difference! Ask your teacher, speak to Chris or Dru, or send a message via the inbox for more information.



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