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July Gemstars

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Early July Gemstars

Late July Gemstars

End of July Gemstars (posted August)

Congratulations to all the students who contributed to this Gemstar video. Gemstones have been added to each pot.

Shout out to everyone included, keep going the hard work is paying off

  • Penelope

  • Daisy

  • Charlotte-Rose

  • Kyle

  • Brandon

  • Gracie

Keep going, the work you do in August pays off for the whole year ! How to be Included

  • Book a lesson with Stalybridge Music Academy either online or in person.

  • Take part in the Gemstone reward program.

  • Take a photo or a Work in Progress video, or both, of your practice time each week and send it to Chris on WhatsApp or email to the usual email address.

    • Remember these videos show your journey, not the end result. There can be mistakes, slips and the odd oops, it is all part of the learning process.

  • Each photo or video included receives 1 gemstone in your pot.

  • Each gemstone is worth £1 towards Tee shirts, Tote bags, craft classes, music workshops, activities or secondary lessons.

  • Call 0161 303 9966 for more details or to start your musical journey with Stalybridge Music Academy.



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