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Gemstar 27/05/2021: Ruthie

Teacher's note: Practice when you get home from your lesson.

The most important practice time of the week is the one you complete after your lesson. Playing everything on your home instrument, or home environment, as soon as possible is highly beneficial. While the work is still fresh in your mind you imprint the ideas and corrections again. When you come to practice tomorrow the information will be fresh in your working memory. The recommendation to practice everyday is based on the decay theory studies. When an individual learns something new, a neurochemical "memory trace" is created. However, over time this trace slowly disintegrates. Actively rehearsing information (or practising) is believed to be a major factor counteracting this temporal decline. For more information about this see the following PDF entitled 'Forgetting in Immediate Serial Recall: Decay, Temporal Distinctiveness, or Interference?. Download a PDF link )

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