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Gemstar 14/05/2021: Mieszko

The key to success is deliberate practice, and it is the only key not on the keyboard. You have to do it, this is what Mieszko does every day; and it shows. The trick here is not just doing the practice but having an intention and a purpose to the task. Make sure you have everything you need.

  • Warm up.

  • Have a goal.

  • Be realistic.

  • Identify and overcome the problem.

  • Remember to keep the beat.

  • Write notes on your music

  • Record yourself often

  • Be in the right frame of mind

  • Reward yourself

You can find some practice tips on Classic Fm's page on this link and a little more information about deliberate practice on this link. As part of the Gemstar challenge we encourage you to move towards deliberate practice where you focus on your weaker areas to overcome them, learn how to go outside your comfort zone and to understand that mistakes, used correctly, are the gateway to learning and moving forward. Percy's practice challenge helps with this and you can speak to your teacher, or ask Chris, for more details. Keep an eye on the Gemstar posts for hints and tips.


Have you achieved your practice target today?

Send a photo or video to our social media accounts, WhatsApp on 0781339 8977 or email to . When we share it on our blog and social media accounts we will add a gemstone to your jar.

What to be involved and earn gemstones while you have a lesson?

Book your lesson with Stalybridge Music Academy today, either in person or online, and start collecting today. Each Gem is worth £1 to extra curricular lessons or merchandise. Book on 0161 303 9966 or by clicking here to transfer to the booking page. Mieszko has pianolessons with Chris, piano and keyboard lessons can be booked with Chris, Daniel, Wes, Andrew or Ste for on



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