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Gemstar 12/05/2021: Jacob

"Doing so well. Please let Dru know we have practiced every day since Saturday already. We have a chart that consists of Music Maths - Spelling and reading. He has kept to it. And seems to making a fortune in money. Each tick is £2. So I think I am going to be broke!" Fabulous to see Jacob practising hard this week. What a great idea to add music to the daily Music, Maths, Spelling, Reading.

There are many studies that indicate music is as important as maths and English at school. An example of which states (link to article) "The necessity of the arts is often under scrutiny in the education system; subjects like music and fine arts are often considered hobbies. A recent study from the University of British Columbia in Canada revealed that students who took part in music lessons achieved high academic results.

The study found that students who participated in music performed particularly well in Maths and Science. Data were collected from 100.000 students, 15.000 of them were music students in high school between 2012 and 2015. This particularly stood out in trying to find out the link between studying music and superior academic performance."

I recommend you click through and read the full article, it is quite interesting. However, be like Jacob and complete your music practice first :) See you at your lesson ...


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