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Gemstar 10/05/2021: Bobby

It is always lovely to receive videos on WhatsApp to let us know how home practice is going, especially with new music. After Bobby had his lesson on Friday mum sent this note through with a small video. "Bobby is loving his new piece of music and hasn’t stopped practicing since he got home from his lesson"

Thank you for sharing this, all too often we see videos when the practice has been completed and people forget the amount of work that goes into a piece before it was recorded as the final performance. This is why we share 'Work in Progress' videos as part of our Gemstone award program. Everyone practises, and every learner needs to work on sections with bits they struggle with. This is part of the learning process and is vital. If you can do it with no effort it is time to move on to the next step.

Yes, it is lovely to hear the finished product, but it is equally valid and important to hear the 'Work in Progress'. As a teacher I find this more motivating and impressive as it is a vital step on the journey and every learner who sees this, and knows that they are not the only one working on something, is the best incentive to keep going. Everyone is on the same journey.

Have you achieved your practice target today? Send a photo or video to our social media accounts, WhatsApp or email to . When we share it on our blog and social media accounts we will add a gemstone to your jar.

What to be involved and earn gemstones while you have a lesson?

Book your lesson with Stalybridge Music Academy today, either in person or online, and start collecting today. Each Gem is worth £1 to extra curricular lessons or merchandise. Book on 0161 303 9966 or by clicking here to transfer to the booking page. Bobby has lessons with Ste, you can book a lesson with any of our guitar teachers on



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