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Gemstar 07/05/2021: Lucas

The Gemstar on 7th May is Lucas. Thank you for sharing this photo, a 6th gemstone will be added to you jar today.

One thing we can depend on in the UK is a May bank holiday will more than likely bring rain, especially being located close to the rainy city (aka Manchester) . Find out more about that on Quote "Sitting on the edge of the Pennines, we get more than our fair share of rain and are forever destined to be known as the place to come to make a fortune selling umbrellas. But is it all a myth? Does Manchester really deserve to be called the ‘rainy city’? Did Robert Lewandowski’s agent get it wrong when he dismissed speculation about a possible move to Manchester on the grounds that “It always rains there.”

Whether it be right or wrong, there is always one thing to do on a rainy day and that is to sit down at your piano and get an extra practice session in. This is what Lucas did on Bank Holiday Monday and we are with him, we think it's a great idea.

You can start lessons today, so you always have something that needs doing, come rain or shine. Book you piano lesson on or call 0161 303 9966. Lessons available in person or online; join in the fun and start your piano lessons with Stalybridge Music Academy



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