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A 30 or 60 minute Music Lesson?

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

At Music Academy the 1 to 1 music lessons start at 30 minutes long.

This is because most new students are beginners and the mind can process and remember the information from a 30 minute lesson much better than a 60 minute lesson. This means that a 30 minute lesson will give you sufficient value for your money. Not only are these short sessions affordable for many people but they also help to ensure that you make progress without risking overspending and not achieving.

Several elite universities across the world have repeatedly demonstrated that most people can concentrate only for brief spells, which can be as short as ten to fifteen minutes. Add to that another five minutes to warm up and ten more minutes to revise previous lessons and clarify any doubts, and you have your perfect music lesson duration. (LINK)

The worst thing to happen in a music lesson is that after 30 minutes you start to lose focus and the mind wanders.

A 60 minute music lesson is ideal for serious music students, or students preparing for auditions or competitions. An ideal candidate for a 60-minute lesson practices regularly and therefore has built up the playing endurance to feel comfortable all the way through the lesson.

To book an hour lesson with Music Academy you simply book two consecutive slots with your chosen teacher.

To book a lesson click or email

Prefer to call, no trouble, please ring 0161 303 9966 during business hours or 0781 339 8977 outside of business hours.

You can also text or WhatsApp 0781 339 8977 anytime or contact us via any of our social media channels.



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