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Online Lessons are working and fun!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Music Education Matters

We are so pleased with the experiences our students, and parents are having.

We would love to hear from you about how your online lessons are going at this time.

Send your photos, artwork and videos from your music practice and online music lessons to our inbox or by email and we will share them on the page.

(Details at the bottom)

We will all get to the other side of this by motivating each other, exploring new ways and keeping in touch. If you would like to book your lesson on Skype, Zoom, Whats Ap, Google Duo, Facetime (some teachers), or Messenger just let us know by calling 

Chris on 07813398977 or Drew on 07903602600

or booking online.


Our wonderful Stalybridge Music Academy keeping lessons going through the tricky time!! Thanks Chris Caton-Greasley & Andrew Brumpton x



"What's great about homeschooling is we can hear Dan's music lesson with the brilliant Wes.

He usually practices with headphones as he is shy about his music ( those who know Dan will not recognise shyness as a characteristic).

I must say as a parent it's wonderful to listen in to him learning chords and to hear Wes' patient tone over the Skype. And I will say it, Dan has a great musical ear. Guitar, electric bass, double bass and drums too. He's happy to try them all."



Alex enjoyed his music lesson with Wez.

I did try to record him but he caught me 

James enjoyed his lesson as well.

We really appreciate that they can still have their lessons.

A bit of normality in these crazy times.



Thank you for Ava’s online lessons and still carrying on during these crazy times! 



Ted loved his Skype lesson with Rob yesterday thank you!



Thank you to Immy for the guest appearance of her beloved iguana at the end of our online piano lesson yesterday.


Today I have had a fantastic Flute Lesson With Mal from Stalybridge Music Academy VIA Face Time, it worked perfectly well the sound was excellent. So lovely to know that some things can carry on in these uncertain times. learning an Instrument is such fun! You might just enjoy it!!🎼🎹🥁🎷🎺🎸🎻🎤



Charlotte-Rose had a great recorder lesson with Josie today. It’s great that her lessons are able to continue and that she can continue to make progress at this time.


How fabulous is this by Olivia who takes lessons with Danny


Does your pet get involved in your practice or lesson times?

Do you have online lessons with Stalybridge Music Academy

Share the fun with the page by sending your pictures or videos to our inbox, any of our social media channels or by emailing and we will share them between our normal postings.



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