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Instant Messenger Lessons

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

And in the time of peril, social disruption and fear . . . the music still went on . . . In this time of bewilderment and change where many people are socially distancing and isolating themselves according to governmental advice and therefore are struggling or unable to attend music lessons.

In the years that Stalybridge Music Academy has been running we have observed and concluded that music lessons work best where the students come for a lesson a week in person to the Academy and have a face to face lesson with a real person. This enables any issues of miscomprehension and frustration to be tackled and resolved immediately and promotes a quicker progression with the student knowing what they need to practice at home.

However given the current situation we’re forced to look at different options to provide our stellar music education service to as many of our students, old and new, as we can.

Therefore, after consultation with our Tutors and communication with our students, parents, guardians, grandparents and others, we’ve decided to opt for and promote our second best option. Online Lessons.

It’s not ideal but it does give the option to ensure that hard won progression is not lost and that the student can continue to improve, albeit potentially a little slower.

The lesson would require an internet connection, a means of transferring video images such as a screen, tablet or even phone (although that can be problematic given phone sizes), an appropriate instrument, a tuner (if required), access to a printer and, of course, a means to send and receive emails of music PDFs.

Each lesson would, as usual, continue for the usual 30 minutes (due to most individuals' prime learning time span being around 20 minutes) and cover a mutually agreed learning objective. We would, are and will be interested moreso now in offering music lessons globally so long as we can arrange a mutually agreeable time for the lessons given time differentials.

Therefore if you are interested in becoming a new international student of the Stalybridge Music Academy please feel free to contact us on +44 161 303 9966, or via our website

This crisis and pandemic has pushed us into more seriously promoting and undertaking the option of taking our tuition global and sharing our knowledge with people all over the world.

Online payments can still be made via BACS and PayPal and we may have the facility for local people to drop their payments at the Hub as we have an exterior letterbox so no contact must be made.

Review from a parent of a 5 year old student

"Kyle did his first online lesson with Andrew today, it went well and he enjoyed it~ take care everyone and see you soon~"



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