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G Major Scale

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Free worksheets to go with the social media postings on G major.


Write a scale to the given rhythm and add semitone brackets. Remember to add a key signature if required.

G major is made up of two tetra chords. Remember a tetrachord follows the pattern Tone - Tone - Semitone.

The first tetrachord is G, A, B, C and the second tetrachord is D, E, F#, G.


Interesting point

G, A, B, C is the last part of C major and the first part of G major.

D, E, F#, G is the last part of G major and the first part of D major.


The first note of G major is 5 notes above C major and the 7th note has been raised a semitone to F sharp. This means the key signature for G major has 1 sharp that is F. It is shown on the treble and bass staves on the following image.

Ensure the line goes through the middle box of the sharp sign. The treble clef version should be on line 5 and the bass clef version is on line 4.

The semitones in a major scale are between the 3rd & 4th notes and the 7th & 8th notes. In G major these would be B & C and F# & G


Download PDF • 181KB

G major Bass Clef: Ascending

G major Bass Clef: Descending

G major Treble Clef: Ascending



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