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Don't Give Up - #MondayMotivation

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Today I noticed this quote on Twitter via IMQuotes_Videos and I started thinking about it from a musicians perspective .

What separates successful people from others is not how lucky they were but how many times they have been unlucky, yet they keep going when others give up. Keep working hard, keep making mistakes, keep learning. And never quit.

So many times we hear, 'oh you must have a natural talent' or 'how lovely to be so gifted' yet 99.99% of the time it is not a gift nor a talent for music, but one of not giving up. Not stopping when you are so sick of playing it, not stopping when that note will not sound right, and not stopping until the practice is done.

Being a musician takes work, the same as being an athlete. It is the same motivation that drives you to practice for tomorrow instead of going partying tonight. It is the same motivation that says no when everyone says, give up and get a proper job of study a proper subject. It is the same motivation that gets you out of bed at 5am to practice before anyone is up.

It is so exhilarating when you can say "I can play it" it does not change from Mary Had a Little Lamb or Vivaldi's A minor concerto. When you know you have battled and won, it is totally worth it.

You did not give up. You gave everything you had, but you did not give up.

That's what it takes to win.

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