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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

For the past week CoronaVirus is all that anyone in business and who is self employed has been talking about.

It goes without saying that the health of the nation, our friends and family is of utmost importance. We all know that we need to look after each other.

But it's worrying right now if you own your own business or are self employed. We’ve all noticed everything is quieter.

Even for those that are busy right now there's a worry that with a Government announcement it could change everything for a business for 2 weeks, 1 month, longer. Here at Stalybridge Music Academy we are doing what we can to continue what we do best, providing individualised, high quality safe musical tuition on a range of instruments.

We are staying open, on our existing hours. Music relieves stress, we hope we can help with this.

We have bought in more wipes and spray to clean shared instruments such as pianos between each pupil.

Our cleaning staff have increased their job with us.

Door handles and mutual contact points are wiped down regularly.

Online lessons are available for most instruments via webcam, facetime, skype or whichever IM platform that you wish to utilise.

We have online payments available for those who do not wish to attend in person. Any Tutor who feels that, in the current environment, they cannot teach as they feel that they are placing their pupils at risk, and must self-isolate their decision is respected and we will offer to reschedule appointments when they return or where possible offer an alternate tutor. Everybody talks about the importance of mental health and throws it around like a buzzword without actually doing anything. As self employed people & a small business our stress levels and mental health are suffering right now. The prospect of massively reduced income, not paying the rent, worrying how we're going to ensure that the tutors earn enough each week to pay the bills, buy essentials, feed the kids - that is real stress. If you feel that you must reschedule please consider an online lesson, we won’t judge you on the state of your house, anymore than we hope you wouldn’t judge. Kindest Regards Dru & Chris Directors Stalybridge Music Academy



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