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About Musikids

Introducing the Musikids Club

  • Join our Club

  • Complete Musical Quests

  • Collect Our Gems

  • Find the Hidden Gold

All members can join our exclusive group for kids (and parents) only. Earn extra gemstones and take part in kids only challenges.


Earn a free gemstone by sending a Work in Progress video. Simon compiles these each week to make the Gemstar video on our You Tube channel. These will be shared in the group, on the Academy screens and on our website too. To be included upload your work in progress video to the group or send to our new WhatsApp Reception 07706638821. Remember to include your name. The weekly video is compiled on a Sunday; don't be late sending these in, this is a give away for free gems and a free progress record.


Every December trophies are given out for the most gemstones (note gemstones not Dragolians or gold coins) . You need to be serious to get these, but you can make it happen.

Already a student? Join the club on this link

If you are using a new email address make sure you email to confirm your student name, instrument and teacher. Email here ===> Contact form


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