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505 by Arctic Monkeys

The instrumentation compliments the sad themes in the lyrics with sustained synthesised minor chords. As the emotion builds up, so does the instrumentation: starting with just piano and vocals then a single strum of the rhythm guitar on the first count of every bar followed soon by a soft drum beat and later a bassline. Furthermore, the lead guitar comes in with a sort of counter melody, complimenting Turner's vocals.

At the climax of the song, the intensity increases notably: this is most clear in both Turners' delivery of the lyrics and the increase in the bands dynamics. The lead guitar riff becomes more complicated and repetitive in the song and the drums begin to incorporate more symbols (likely a crash symbol). Finally, the song ends with only the synthesised chords and a variation on the guitar riff and the tempo slows. This could represent the build up of his emotions in his relationship as he finally lets it out.

Download the Chords

Download the lyrics and chords from Ultimate guitar. You will need to use the transpose -1/+1 to change the chords to D and A. It will need a capo on the 2nd fret to maintain the original sound.

Official Video

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