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Well Done Joseph

We have just heard some wonderful news, and it's now official as it is on Instagram!



NEWSFLASH 📢🎶🎹 Our amazing son Joseph has just been offered the most exciting opportunity.

Next month he will join The Royal Northern College of Music Juniors!!!.

This opens so many doors for his classical music education and future with the university.

A very special thank you to Chris and her team Stalybridge Music Academy for there hard work, dedication and passion towards supporting Joseph with his piano lessons over the last 7 years.

We will be forever grateful. Xx


What can I say, it has been an absolute pleasure knowing and working with Joseph and his family.

We are all so pleased for you Joseph, you have worked hard and achieved so much. It has been a pleasure hearing your playing transform from thumbs on middle C to the most exquisite playing of Debussy and Chopin that we will not forget. Thank you for all the practice you put in, even on the days it was hard, and all the times you did exactly what was suggested, no matter how tricky. You have inspired so many with your last performance, now is your time to fly high and enjoy every minute, this is something so few manage.

An incredible next step on a wonderful journey into music; enjoy! 👏👍🎶👍👏

(Published with parental permission)



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