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Skills for Life


Music lessons develop the skills that provide a firm foundation for learning.

Piano lessons

As a piano teacher I have rather a large bias here but learning the piano has given me many life skills, other than musical ones. Piano lessons are a long term commitment you need practise, lots of it, and dedication to achieve your goals. There are many barriers you will come across where you have to work a little harder to achieve understanding or the skills required but perseverance will help you achieve success. This can be applied to many other issues in life where you need to work a little more to attain the target.

Guitar lessons available on acoustic, electric and bass guitar covering all music styles. Learn how to solo, riff and jam along to your favourite tunes. Guitar playing has so many styles that can be mixed together that you can make playing the guitar very personal and creative. The way you strum or pick a melody can be personalised in many different ways and this challenge requires you to interpret the music yourself. This is a fantastic life skill as it teaches us to make decisions on the spot, deciding what is best at that moment and how to get out of sticky situations where we hit a wrong chord by accident. Ooops.

Do you prefer the classics? Violin & flute lessons available everyday with option ensemble work when a graded standard is reached. These lessons require a lot more patience as the production of tone is harder than many other instruments. The only way to develop patience is to be in a situation where you have to use it. Learning the flute or violin requires patience from the start. As always the results are very rewarding but it is slow practise and patient progression that makes the amazing sound happen.

If the only answer is drums, we understand! Our drum room is waiting for you. Every musicians uses all the attributes I have spoken about so far, but the drums allow you express how you feel with pure rhythm. Rhythm is the backbone of our lives and the ability to sit at a kit and put everything into the drums is a skill many wish they had. Make it happen, express yourself. Drum.

Your own drum kit is not essential to start with but you will want one before you need one.

It has been recognised in many centuries and occupations that music improves everything in touches. Learn the skills to communicate in sound and be able to continue talking where words can fail.

Book your first lesson today with Stalybridge Music Academy and start your musical journey.

One to one music lessons from 4 years old right in the heart of Stalybridge town centre. On street parking available. 5 minutes walk from the bus and train stations.

We are waiting for your call.



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