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Professional Recommendations

I have known Chris, initially as her piano mentor, since October 2005 when she joined the CT ABRSM course at the Manchester centre, and latterly, since July 2006, as her piano teacher.

Chris is a dedicated and highly committed musician and teacher. During her time of study for the CT ABRSM her teaching demonstrated lively interaction, great enthusiasm and a keen sense of imagination alongside excellent preparation. She always particpated in the seminars and group discussions perceptively and with thoroughness in all her work.

Chris has made excellent progress in her piano playing over the past 18 months and I have doubt she will reach the standard required to achieve her grade 8 ABRSM certificate. In the meantime I have no hesitation in recommending her to membership of EPTA as I know that she will greatly appreciate the many benefits of belonging to the organisation.

Peter Noke G. Mus (Hons) RNCM

PPRNCM (Distinction)


Chris Caton-Greasley CT ABRSM DipLCM(TD) is without question and extremely capable music teacher, with lots of experience, particularly with her main instrument, the piano. She is a lateral, creative thinker, and has inspired many pupils to tremendous success, particularly at young ages.

Though she is too modest (unjustifiably so!) to take the grade 8 piano practical examination formally, it is obvious to me that her knowledge, experience and grasp of piano pedagogy far exceeds diploma level.

She is a model of what the modern ear needs to find in a piano teacher. I warmly recommend her for full membership of EPTA UK. Murray McLachlan




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