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Music is for everyone

Music, once considered a privilege of the prestigious classes became available to all in the classrooms and halls of schools during the last century or so, with those who could afford it procuring music education as an extra for their children. Now it appears that Music is being sidelined in mainstream education and the children are suffering for it. At Music Academy we hear tales of children dissuaded from taking music, told it's not a career path, bullied and harrassed when they don't want to follow the herd, and disrespected for doing something different in their lives.

At our Academies we promote music as part of life, integral to our existence akin to a heartbeat to a body. We strive to help people learn music, irrespective of instrument and are going to be using our Foundation Fundraisers to raise money (hopefully with the help of our sponsors) to provide lessons for those who cannot afford them. If a child or an adult has an interest in learning an instrument we will do our utmost to help them. Check out for more details



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