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Lightly Row

Updated: May 23, 2022

Lightly Row is a level 1 performance piece, part number TQP.L1.CLCG.P2.

This piece uses the notes C5 to G5 and C3 to G3. The left hand includes 3 note triad chords.

This is a performance piece because a student should aim to play it without having to think about it.

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About Lightly Row

This song is an American Folk Song from the 1800's. It is also found in Mother Goose books and was often known as Little John.

Lyrics for Lightly Row

Lyrics for Little John

Lightly row, lightly row,

O'er the glassy waves we go!

Smoothly glide, smoothly glide,

On the silent tide!

Let the winds and waters be

Mingled with our melody.

Sing and float, sing and float

In our little boat!

Far away, far away,

Echo in the rock at play;

Calleth not, calleth not,

To this lonely spot.

Only with the seabirds' note

Shall our happy music float.

Lightly row, lightly row,

In our little boat!​

​Little John

He has gone

Out to see the world alone

Staff and hat,

Look at that,

He's one happy cat.

But his mommy cries a lot

Now she has no Johnny got.

"Fortune find,

But you mind,

Come back to your kind."

Seven years,

Joy and tears,

John in many lands appears.

Then he thought

That he ought

To go home and got.

But now he's no Johnny small,

No, he is now big John tall.

Tall and tanned,

Face and hand.

Will they know this man?

One, two, three

Pass and see,

Don't know who this man might be.

Even Sis:

"Who is this?"

Knows not who he is.

Then along comes mother dear,

Barely sees his eyes so clear,

Says: "My son,

Welcome home,

God bless you my son."


Hands Together Practice Video

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Left Hand Practice Video


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