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Introducing Andrew

During 2016 we advertised with a local volunteer network group for someone willing to do some blog entries on Stalybridge Town, a Facebook Page and website we were managing at the times. We had a few people come to interview for the position and were highly amused when a young lady came in to the, then, shop asking if this was the base for Stalybridge Town. We told her that it was and she smiled and said she would go and fetch her brother who had come for an interview.

So Andrew Moss came into our business and our lives. Andy had not played an instrument before and was interested in the Ukulele initially and then Piano. He became so keen that he learned both instruments incredibly quickly and his bright, slightly irreverent, manner contributed to his success in interviewing landlords and talking with both learners and their sponsors. Once Andy achieved a certain standard it was mutually decided that he would begin, under Chris’ steel eyed gaze, to teach for us. Andy began primarily on Uke and took over the Major Minor’s Music Academy sessions, for under 4’s that we were running at the time.

With Andy’s progress on both instruments he fast became an excellent teacher, particularly for very young pupils although he has proven to be capable of achieving a rapport with learners of any age. Teaching for any age now, and practising for his Associate Diploma gives Andrew a little time for much else other than practice, teaching, composition and learning new pieces while wending his way through the somewhat tricky minefield of Music Theory.

He has taken up the challenge of helping other teachers to reach their potential and is being tutored and guided by Chris to achieve his own. Andy teaches from Friday to Tuesday (normally) and can be booked online at £16 for 30 minutes (includes music and home practise requirements) and £32 for an hour.

Andy is happy to teach any period of music and is very good at finding playable pieces for most grades from most genres. He excels in not only teaching what the learner wants to learn, but also what they need to learn. He enjoys a challenge, why not challenge him today . . .



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