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Gemstar 28/05/2021 Charlotte Rose on Uke

Updated: May 31, 2021

Teacher's note. A practice objective, the best way to achieve.

If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time. – Zig Ziglar and he was right. Charlotte-Rose understands this already by having her practice objective to work on the fast sections of this piece. So many times we start a practice session with no plan, no intention and no reason. You don't know if you have achieved something unless you know what that thing is.

If you have a plan, and a mission to accomplish, then there is a target to aim for.

However, aiming at nothing means you have no idea whether you hit it or not. You will have no feedback, and no way of improving what you are doing, right? If you can’t track your progress, how do you know if you are getting better or not?

You can read more about targets and goal setting on this link.

After reading this article, find a blank note book, or open a new spreadsheet and set your goals for this practice. After your practice summarise your achievements , maybe a video diary will help or send a weekly video to our Gemstar showcase. Remember this is not a showcase of perfect performances, although they are included at times, this is a showcase of the journey, the small steps and the achievements you make. Get involved by calling 0161 303 9966 and speak to Chris or Dru



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