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Clarinet Assembly

Hello, I am Malachy and I thought today I would show you how to put together a clarinet.

Now a clarinet is made up of five pieces and we start with the bell part of the clarinet. On my clarinet it has the name of the type of clarinet it is, which in my case is a Buffet.

Next we have the lower joint, this is the lower joint of the clarinet. As you can see we have some cork around here, I will come back to that later on as that is important. What we do is, we put together the bell and the lower joint. I always try to get the bar level with the writing.

The next part of the clarinet is the upper joint. The front part and the back of the clarinet with what we call the thumb hole and the upper register key.

Right, on this part of the clarinet you have a bar here, and cork, that fits in with the bar going over this section of the clarinet.

We now have the bell, the lower joint and the upper joint.

The next part of the clarinet is what we call the barrel, again with some writing on it. We join that with the rest of the upper part of the upper joint. I try to keep the writing level and together so it looks nice and neat. This part is important as well because this part you can adjust to ensure your clarinet is in tune. You either adjust the barrel out a little bit, or push it all the way in.

The last part of the clarinet is the mouthpiece, here with it's cap on. If I take the cap off you can see the mouthpiece, ligature for reed positioning. That fits on the very top like with the reed the opposite side to the reed. Now we have the bell, the lower joint, the upper joint, the barrel and the mouthpiece.

Just test it to see that it is level and comfortable when you are playing.

An extra throght , here I have some grease which looks like some lip balm, that you can put around the cork joints so they fit together nice and smoothly.

And that is the clarinet. If you would like to know more I teach the clarinet, as well as the saxophone, piano and cello, if you would be interested in any lessons you can join us by booking on or by calling 0161 303 9966.

Thank you very much for listening. You Tube




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