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An Idea to Amazon

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

How it Happened

I do believe that every students needs a teaching aid that is right for them. Sometimes this means making something in a new way that helps a particular student.

This happened one Saturday in June 2023. Thomas required something interactive, colourful and fun. So the thinking cap went on and after a number of 'not quite' I arrived at this idea. Below is a copy of Thomas' completion of the very first copy of Let's Play and Let's Draw.

Dru had already written the star stories included in the Let's Read part of the printed book.

It was decided to bring the three parts together and publish a book on Kindle.

This book has been dedicated to Thomas and mum who helped make it possible. We are now working on book two.

Order a Book


Use this link to transfer to Amazon to buy your copy today.


Dru and I are thrilled to be able to publish the books we have been writing on Amazon.

Other Titles

The dragon stories and Triquetrae books are available on Amazon Kindle with the TQ Level 1 Daily Activities for piano also available as a paperback , Kindle and a hardback will be out soon.

Click on each image to see the book on Amazon

Book a Lesson

Some younger students require only a 15 minute lesson.



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