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A young child has many benefits from learning the violin. It is a well documented fact that playing a musical instrument has a positive and lasting effect on memory, focal ability and the attention span of the learner. (

Music lessons are known to improve reading skills, language processing, 2nd language skills and speech. (

Playing the violin is good for the learners mental health and well being. A study shows that violin lessons focuses a child's attention, helps them to control their emotions and diminish their anxiety. (

Long term violin lessons has been found to enhance and integrate hearing, touch and sight.

The age at which music lessons begins affects brain anatomy as an adult; beginning training before the age of seven has the greatest impact. (

Learning to play violin can build self-confidence, self-discipline, self-reliance, self-esteem, and self-awareness. These are all qualities that help in personal development and are vital in adult hood.

Finally, the advanced grades are most accessible to those who start to play at a young age. By starting violin lessons early the learner will benefit from the points carried in the advanced qualifications at university. If the recommended path is followed of violin, piano and theory you could save 12 months from your university program in points transfer.

Playing the violin from an early age is proven time and time again to be good for you physically, emotionally, mentally and academically.

While it is good to learn the violin as soon as possible, having a short 15 minute lesson in school is not enough to gain ability in good time. We see many instances where frustration built in a short lesson can actually put students off learning an instrument with so many life enhancing skills. The violin takes time, patience, listening, and above all an individualised instruction program.

It can take 10 minutes to warm up and direct the mind, ear and muscles to the required place, like warming up at the gym) and 10 minutes to cool down at the end of a lesson and 10 minutes for the new work or learning objective to be introduced and learnt. This is inline with current guidelines of 1-2 minutes concentration per year of age. (

Booking a half hour one to one lesson with a professional tutor ensures a balanced program, suitable to the learning style of the student and helping their weaknesses become strengths. Additionally you have the opportunity of all the above life skills and benefits.

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