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Musikids Gemstone Awards 2021

  • 1st place is presented to Charlotte-Rose who plays piano, ukulele, flute and recorder and worked incredibly hard for 126 gemstones.

  • 2nd place is awarded to Ruthie who plays piano, flute and recorder with a lot of hard work and 125 gemstones.

  • 3rd place is awarded to Ava who plays piano and violin and has made a fantastic effort with lots of practice to secure 3rd place with 123 gemstones.

Gemstones can be earnt for 6 items every week. In 2022 every student has the opportunity to attain 288 gemstones this year with 48 thirty minute lessons throughout the year; more if you attend all 52 sessions possible or have double or triple lessons.

The trophies for the three students will be presented later in the month along with the annual gemstone shield for Charlotte-Rose.

To find out more about the Dragon Vaults please see

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Musikids Gemstone Awards 2021
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