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What sort of Gems can I earn & how?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022


This is the easy one. The Practice Gem, complete a minimum practice 5 days a week. To help with this you will need a Practice Record from reception.

On the front the reception staff will complete the daily target for practice and the weekly target. This is the daily target times five.

If you exceed the daily target on the next book this will increase.

You should aim for this figure to increase every book. This way you will make good progress and reach a good standard quickly.

The inside of the book shows columns for the day and time.

The day can be the date or the day of the week and the time should be in minutes.

The daily and weekly total should match the total on the front.


Super Practice Gem: Double your practice time every day Yes really, this one is a total give away. Double your practice time every day and

  1. Receive a double gem

  2. Your practice time will increase in your next book

  3. You will improve quicker


While we do not push for exam success we do understand the importance of certain grades. Additionally some students achieve the most when aiming for a target.

For students who take an exam we acknowledge the amount of work it has taken with the exam pass gems. For an exam pass we award 3 gems, for a merit we award 4 gems and for a distinction we award 5 gems.


Some teachers give written, or music theory, homework. This opens up a greater understanding of the music and the opportunity of a written music exam.

If your written homework is completed well you receive a gemstone.


The 'Work in Progress' gem is ridiculously easy to get. All you need to do is video a portion of your practice on a piece and them send it to one of our WhatsApp numbers. It does not have to be perfect, mistakes are allowed, in fact we encourage this as these videos are your record of progress and looking back over them will show you how far you have come.

To receive a WinGem just send a weekly 'Work in Progress' video to reception on 07706 638821 or Chris on 07813398977. If you have lessons in more than one instrument, or a double lesson in an instrument, then send two videos ! It is one video per 30 minute lesson.


Finally, the teacher gem, this is not for behaving well in a lesson - we expect that ! This is for achieving, for working hard, or for focusing and making progress on something you struggled with.

Everyone has small things each lesson that is tricky and working hard can eliminate the problem, apply this focus and receive the gem as a reward.



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