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Where our schools are less effective ...

Where our schools are less effective is when you have children in the same class who have differing levels of skill. The teacher has their curriculum that they must get through in a term and therefore there is a finite time scale wherein they can help the shining stars and/ or those who are a little slow in perception in a generic setting. Some children (and adults) may have issues such as a short attention span, who learn best by doing, who learn best by imitation, pictorially, with reference to something in nature that makes sense to them, graphically or by many of the ways of learning touched on by Gardner in his research of Multiple intelligences.

Our individual lessons provide a much needed support and relief for many of our young students and our Tutors often find themselves as a confidant to certain children as they are being taught. Given that most lessons are one-to-one the tutor has sufficient time, even with set up and close down to devote their time to their pupil, teaching them at a pace where the Student works for their achievement but is supported along the journey with sufficient extra pieces helping them to move skills from short time to long term memory and hence their absorption.

Small Group Lessons provide support for those students who thrive in a small group set up with no more than 5 students, the Tutor and, of course, whichever parents want to sit in with their parents consent. These run over a span of weeks and have targeted goals for the students providing that structure that some students need.

Ensemble, Orchestra, Recital, Choir, Singing Group, Revue are also coming together with teachers taking up with their best skilled instrument a section who can perform as a group, with their instrument families, with the larger families of instruments, with selected or all of the sections. The Ensemble will work to provide funding for the Music Academy Foundation which, in turn will work with private and commercial sponsors to provide music education and equipment for those who cannot afford aforesaid items, helping them to learn as much as they can for as long as they can.

Music Academy Hub also promotes fair treatment for all, forbidding prejudicial and condemning behaviour. We actively support #nobullying and are happy to help in the non-music but important studies such as Drama, Performance, Speech, Enunciation, Pronunciation, Diction, Projection, Confidence building and Team Cohesiveness.

Let us know if we can help 0161 303 9966



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