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What About Music in Lesson?

As an Academy while we have used traditional tutor or music books the errors this has promulgated in the following decision by Chris (our Music Director) and Dru (our Administrative director). Every student moves at their own speed. Irrespective of age or ability. Everyone will find an item or items they struggle with, or need extra work on. To introduce something new, while a student is still struggling with a previous concept is akin to building a house with an unstable foundation or on unstable ground.

The tutors will complete the current pieces (if from a book) and then transition to the most appropriate item from our Triquetrae Program, which is appropriate for the individual student that contains the criteria to assist the individual student to progress to the correct standard.

If such an item does not yet exist in our extensive library and database we will compose it for you.

We cannot supply a print out or make a copy of copywritten item. If a copyright item is required reception will supply either the book (If held in stock) or a link to purchase it from, with the reason why this is required. If the student is undertaking a grade from one of the currently established Examination Boards we would recommend procuring the relevant source material from a retailer. An equivalent formal assessment for a discernible standard is available via our Triquetrae Programs.

If you wish to study a personal choice piece, recently a number of TikTok songs have been popular, this can be arranged to be included in your individual tutoring progamme at the right time. It may have to wait until you have sufficient skills for the piece to be of benefit.

All music given out, and included in the lesson cost, will be on a paper with a similar header and footer to the above notice. For those who require it, music will be supplied in a landscape format. It is worth mentioning that print outs include any PDF's sent with the request to print at home. A Music Academy teacher should not be sending music or links personally to a student. All PDF''s and links to audio files will be via reception, Chris or Dru, There is one exception. If an item has been signed and dated by Chris or Dru as acceptable to be distributed it will be noted in your file by the tutor who requested it and the date it was given. Other than this Stalybridge Music Academy has a zero tolerance stance to unauthorised documents being given out and copyright, potentially, being broken. Should the Academy publish a classical piece that is often published under copyright, an original 'public domain' copy will be on file of that item.

Reception should be consulted if a student wishes to play an item from Musescore, a free guitar music site (like Ultimate Guitar) or from another similar site that is free to the public. Most of these are acceptable so long as a source file is in the library and the original source is cited.



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