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Hello 2024

A sincere thank you and our deepest appreciation for the parents, grandparents, guardians, sponsors and students of Stalybridge Music Academy without whom we wouldn’t have a thriving business, new and exciting plans and a vision for an innovative and ever-growing target for the future.

We will be undertaking the Grand Gem Count Off during the week between Christmas and New Year where we will be able to ascertain the number of Gems that the students (with the support of their sponsors) have accrued. This will give the students a basis to begin 2024 as well as the discount scheme.

A Few Changes:

  • Sample Lessons will now be charged at £10 as too many people who have booked have failed to attend, sometimes on many occasions.

  • All lessons are now charged in advance, including PAYG (pay as you go) which will migrate during the first 3 months of 2024 to PIA (pay in advance) where students next lesson must be paid for prior to it occurring.

  • Lessons that are missed without prior notice via the email (, phone 0161 303 9966 or the desk mobile: 07706638821 either via WhatsApp or text message will be charged in full unless there are unavoidable factors involved. 

  • 2024 sees us launch our Assessment programme which works from the Triquetrae Music Programme. Students will be able to undertake Zone assessments per level which are either formed as continuous assessment or may involve recording a demonstration video that the assessor will watch. This will tell you how far you have reached on the current Examination based Grading system without the stress.

  • We have a range of books and manuscript paper now available on Amazon and in reception. Please ask about our range and new titles.

  • We have a bright new logo for 2024, please see below.

As always, thank you for undertaking your musical journey with us.

Kind Regards Chris & Dru



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