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Waiting is a level 1 Interpretation piece, part number TQP.L1.CLCG.I19.

The learning objective for this piece is the inclusion of the silences or rests alongside holding the notes for the full value.

The piece uses the notes C3 to G3 and C5 to G5 and the note and rest values or a crotchet and a minim. There is a tie and a few two note chords also included.

Download the free worksheet

Download PDF • 394KB


A metronome is a useful tool for maintaining a steady beat. There are many free and easy to use apps available for your phone. Google has a useful feature built into the browser that you can access by typing 'Online Metronome'.

Additionally you can purchase many digital or clockwork models. Some students find the physical wand movement more user friendly than a tick, I recommend you try a few. This can be arranged at your lesson.

For this piece the video below uses 72 beats per minute. A crotchet receives 1 beat.


Hands Together Practice Video

Right Hand Practice Video

Left Hand Practice Video


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